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Hello and welcome to yet another Animal Crossing New Leaf Blog! This blog is still being set up so consider it a WIP
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Some late birthday art for merengue!
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Request Time!

Leave a villager request in my askbox and I’ll draw em

Tangy’s House
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Anonymous sent: if you have any free time lately,, could you draw annalisa? :)



for nana&#160;!!! your mAYOR IS SO ADORABLE&#160;!
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A drawing of my mayor I haven&#8217;t gotten around to finishing,

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summ3rain82 sent: Hi!! I just wanted to say that your felted Sprinkle is absolutely adorable and if you were to start making/selling villagers, I'd definitely be in line to purchase one! Have also been looking at your art and wondering if you do commissions at all? Sorry if this information is somewhere on your blog but I've not been able to find it. Thanks for reading! xx

Oh I’m really glad you like the felted villagers I’m totally open to taking made to order felt villager commissions so I’ll go ahead and iron out some details and post the information on my blog. As for my art, I don’t have any information posted but I’ve been playing with the idea of taking art commissions as well so I’ll post information reguarding commissions as well.

Anonymous sent: Please sell those felt villagers!! I would buy them all!

Well I’ve been thinking about it for a while but if you’re interested I wouldn’t mind making some made to order felt villagers :D